Are you confident in your ability to:

Choose the healthiest options when shopping?


Properly read a nutritional label?


Fuel your body with the best of foods?


Save money without sacrificing quality?

In fact, the majority of people are lost when it comes to what they should be eating- and it’s not even their fault!

Have you ever noticed how there are scientific research studies for every topic in nutrition- on one hand showing how beneficial a food is, and on the other, showing you how unhealthy it is?

Talk about confusing! How can a food be proven to be both beneficial AND toxic?

Well, the idea actually comes from a concept called bio-individuality.

What this means, is that we are all built uniquely different, and our bodies require very different things. You’ve likely heard the saying that one man’s preference is another man’s poison- and it couldn’t be more true! The reason why nutrition articles can prove both sides of the spectrum is the exact reason why the same diet does not work the same way for two different people:

Now I’m a big believer in the fact that diets don’t work, and that they (along with restrictive eating like counting calories and measuring each meal) can create a negative relationship with food. I don’t think of food as ‘bad’ and ‘good’- but rather as just ‘food’ and ‘healthier food’. When we begin to look at everything we eat with this non-biased or judgemental lens, we are much more likely to create sustainable change in our lives- allowing us to become the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves possible.

Food is meant to be enjoyed as much as it is meant to provide our bodies with fuel, and you can certainly do both with ease. Eating healthy shouldn’t be confusing, hard or expensive, and it should be accessible to everyone.

Part of the trouble with this, comes from the ‘diet industry’ telling you that you need to eat a certain way to look a certain way- with the rest of the problem coming from the marketing industry. Brands are getting smarter and they are using new tricks each day to get us to purchase their products. In fact, research shows that we are 4x more likely to buy a product with a marketing claim on the front, as opposed to a similar product without the claims.

So how do we overcome this?

How do we figure out what is healthy vs what is not?

And how do we figure out what we should actually be eating?

Don’t worry – I have you covered!

Available to individuals local to Edmonton, AB and surrounding areas.

A Supermarket Tour is like a personalized 1:1 nutrition workshop- but in a condensed, customized and specific way to keep you engaged (and helping you to retain the most amount of information).

  • We meet at the supermarket/grocery store where you do the majority of your shopping.
     Yes, it’s customized to you!

  • You take me around the entire store and show me what you buy on a regular and irregular basis.

  • I provide information, education, tips and more in regards to choosing better products for you and your family.

  • I show you how to eat healthy on a budget while still enjoying deliciously mouth-watering meals.

We will be covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Organic vs. conventional produce


  • GMO’s and their effects


  • The facts on fats, protein, and carbohydrates


  • Sugar scares and healthy substitutes


  • Ingredients to watch out for


  • The difference between processed, refined or natural products


  • Understanding nutritional label claims and how to shop smart


  • Busting myths on ‘healthy’ products


  • and more!

Whether you choose to shop as we go or just take in the information is up to you. Generally, each tour takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the amount of information needed to be covered.

  • You are able to bring your significant other, your mom or your best friend- whoever you’d like as your plus one!

  • You will receive over 10 handouts as resources following the Supermarket Tour as well as a full recap email within 24 hours covering everything we discussed.

  • Tours can be customized according to eating restrictions. For example, are you a newly diagnosed Celiac? No problem. We can show you exactly how to manage your new diagnosis in a healthy and budget-friendly way. 

The flat rate fee is $150, which includes the session, handouts, email recap and post-session support.

Location restriction: Please note, tours include the surrounding areas of Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Central/West Edmonton. If you are located outside of this area (or your store is), please contact for the additional travel rate that would be applied to the above cost.