Are your goals a priority?

Years ago, before I started on this wellness journey, I had a bad habit of ‘claiming’ goals that I wasn’t actually interested in achieving.

Part of it was likely due to some limiting beliefs I had, like that I didn’t deserve what I desired- but the other, larger piece of it was that I was just not making those goals a priority.

I could SAY I wanted to lose weight and get healthier all I wanted, but every single action I took in my life at that time was doing the complete opposite.

Therefore, instead of being honest with myself that it just wasn’t a priority, I chose to justify my inaction with ‘reasons’ why I couldn’t. Like:

➡️ The reason why I couldn’t get up in the morning.
➡️ The reason why I never got my workout in.
➡️ Or the reason why I didn’t have healthy snacks prepped and ready to go for my lunch.

The thing is, what I soon realized, is that the ‘reasons’ I was listing were actually just excuses I created in my mind to help me feel better about my inaction. When I had a reason why I couldn’t achieve my goal, the ‘fault’ was then removed from me and placed somewhere else.

So it wasn’t actually MY fault that I couldn’t achieve my goals- it was my lifestyle, my schedule or something else that was occurring in my life that prevented me from doing so.

Talk about a blame game. 🙄

Now one of the things I’ve come to realize is that we either set goals that we don’t feel are a priority, OR we set unrealistic goals that set us up for failure (like losing 20 pounds in less than a month).

By doing this, we’ve already entered into the commitment with the assumption that we will not complete it, or the underlying belief that it’s not actually that important.

Society has kind of groomed us into this, thinking that our goals and ideals must match everyone else’s. Which isn’t only untrue and unrealistic… but also extremely boring 🙈 Gone are the times where we set goals to impress others or be ‘accepted’. Goals are about what makes us happy- things that we actually WANT to achieve.

So, when it comes down to it, we need to have intense clarity and honesty when we are setting any goal- wellness wise or other. The thing is, is that we WILL make time for the things that matter to us. That goal will be a priority if we actually want it to be. Excuses are for the things that don’t matter to us- and they will always be present in that case.

Therefore, I encourage you to observe where you are sitting with your ‘goals’ currently. Is it a priority and are you making it one, or are you making excuses?

Remember, you can choose success or you can choose your excuses, but you can’t have both. 🙏🏻😘 So tell me, what are you choosing to have?